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شماره فاکتور :

کتاب الکترونیکی اصول جراحی شوارتز -دوجلدی 2019 SCHWARTZ'S PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY 2-vol 11 ED

کتاب الکترونیکی اصول جراحی شوارتز -دوجلدی 2019 SCHWARTZ'S PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY 2-vol 11 ED

کتاب الکترونیکی اصول جراحی شوارتز -دوجلدی 2019 SCHWARTZ'S PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY 2-vol 11 ED ویرایش یازدهم 2019:

کتاب الکترونیکی دکر شده با فرمت پی دی اف بوده و قابلیت اجرا بر روی تمامی دیوایس های پشتیبان کننده از PDF را دارا می باشد.

کتاب الکترونیکی ارائه شده توسط ما با ضمانت کیفیت  بسیارعالی و شامل 2319صفحه می باشد و تفاوت آن با نسخه های متفرقه، در کیفیت تصاویر و متون کتاب وهمچنین امکان هایلایت و کپی برداری ساده از متون و تصاویر موجود در کتاب می باشد که همین امر سبب تفاوت رنج قیمت گردیده بطوریکه قیمت کتاب الکترونیکی اصول جراحی شوارتز -دوجلدی 2019 SCHWARTZ'S PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY 2-vol 11 EDویرایش یازدهم 2019 در سایت اصلی و سایت های فروش خارجی بین 189 الی 200دلار میباشد.

978-1259835353 ,ISBN:1259835359

حجم فایل:119MB

نویسندگان:F. Charles Brunicardi , Dana K. Andersen , Timothy R. Billiar , David L. Dunn , John G. Hunter, Lillian Kao, Jeffrey B. Matthews , Raphael E. Pollock

قيمت:3000 تومان

توضیحات تکمیلی:

The BEST EDITION yet of the #1 text for surgical practice and education
For half-a-century, no other text has provided such a solid grounding in basic science, anatomy, operative techniques, and more recently, professional development and leadership training, as Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery. Written by the world’s foremost surgeons, this landmark reference offers distinctly modern and all-encompassing coverage of every important topic in general surgery.
Enhanced by a new two volume presentation, the Eleventh Edition has been completely updated and refreshed with an emphasis on state-of-the-art, evidence-based surgical care. You will find an exciting array of new contributors from around the world, new chapters on cutting-edge topics, plus the acclaimed learning aids that make the material easier to understand and memorize. This outstanding content is bolstered by more than 800 photographs and 1,300 line drawings, most in full color, as well as online videos demonstrating key operations.
Here’s why the Eleventh Edition is the best edition yet:
Six timely new chapters on important topics such as enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), ambulatory/outpatient surgery, evidence for surgery practice, skills and simulation, and web-based education and social media
High-quality full-color design showcases an unsurpassed illustration program
Emphasis on high-yield discussion of diagnosis and treatment of surgical disease, arranged by organ system and surgical specialty
Acclaimed learning aids (many new to this edition), including an abundance of completely up-to-date tables that summarize the most current evidence, boxed key points, detailed anatomical figures, diagnostic and management algorithms, and an abundance of completely up-to-date tables, and key references
More than the field’s cornerstone textbook, Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery is an international compendium of the knowledge and technique of the world’s leading surgeons.
About the Author
F. Charles Brunicardi, MD, FACS is Chair, Department of Surgery, University of Toledo School of Medicine.
Dana K. Andersen, MD, FACS is Program Director, Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health.
Timothy R. Billiar, MD, FACS is George Vance Foster Professor and Chair of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; and Vice-President and Chief Academic Officer, University of Pittsburgh Physicians.
۱. Leadership in Surgery
۲. Systemic Response to Injury and Metabolic Support
۳. Fluid and Electrolyte Management of the Surgical Patient
۴. Hemostasisr Surgical Bleeding,, and Transfusion
۵. Shock
۶. Surgical Infections
۷. Trauma
۸. Burns
۹. Wound Healing
۱۰. Oncology
۱۱. Transplantation
۱۲. Quality, Patient Safety, Assessments of Care, and Complications
۱۳. Physiologic Monitoring of the Surgical Patient
۱۴. Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotics, Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery, and Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery
۱۵. Molecular Biology, The Atomic Theory of Disease, and Precision Surgery
۱۶. The Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue
۱۷. The Breast
۱۸. Disorders of the Head and Neck
۱۹. Chest Wall, Lung, Mediastinum, and Pleura
۲۰. Congenital Heart Disease
۲۱. Acquired Heart Disease
۲۲. Thoracic Aneurysms and Aortic Dissection
۲۳. Arterial Disease
۲۴. Venous and Lymphatic Disease
۲۵. Esophagus and Diaphragmatic Hernia
۲۶. Stomach
۲۷. The Surgical Management of Obesity
۲۸. Small Intestine
۲۹. Colon, Rectum, and Anus
۳۰. The Appendix
۳۱. Liver
۳۲. Gallbladder and the Extrahepatic Biliary System
۳۳. Pancreas
۳۴. The Spleen
۳۵. Abdominal Wall, Omentum, Mesentery, and Retroperitoneum
۳۶. Soft Tissue Sarcomas
۳۷. Inguinal Hernias
۳۸. Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Adrenal
۳۹. Pediatric Surgery
۴۰. Urology
۴۱. Gynecology
۴۲. Neurosurgery
۴۳. Orthopedic Surgery
۴۴. Surgery of the Hand and Wrist
۴۵. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
۴۶. Anesthesia for Surgical Patients
۴۷. Surgical Considerations in Older Adults
۴۸. Ethics, Palliative Care, and Care at the End of Life
۴۹. Global Surgery
۵۰. Optimizing Perioperative Care: Enhanced Recovery and Chinese Medicine
۵۱. Understanding, Evaluating, and Using Evidence for Surgical Practice
۵۲. Ambulatory Surgery
۵۳. Skills and Simulation


۵۴. Web-Based Education and Implications of Social Media

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