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شماره فاکتور :

کتاب الکترونیکی بیهوشی موضعی و مدیریت درد حاد هاجیج 2017 Hadzic's Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management 2 ED

کتاب الکترونیکی بیهوشی موضعی و مدیریت درد حاد هاجیج 2017 Hadzic's Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management 2 ED ویرایش دوم 2017:

کتاب الکترونیکی دکر شده با فرمت پی دی اف بوده و قابلیت اجرا بر روی تمامی دیوایس های پشتیبان کننده از PDF را دارا می باشد.

کتاب الکترونیکی ارائه شده توسط ما اورجینال و با ضمانت کیفیت  بسیارعالی و شامل 1535صفحه می باشد و تفاوت آن با نسخه های متفرقه، در کیفیت تصاویر و متون کتاب وهمچنین امکان هایلایت و کپی برداری ساده از متون و تصاویر موجود در کتاب می باشد که همین امر سبب تفاوت رنج قیمت گردیده بطوریکه قیمت کتاب الکترونیکی بیهوشی موضعی و مدیریت درد حاد هاجیج 2017 Hadzic's Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management 2 EDویرایش دوم 2017 در سایت اصلی و سایت های فروش خارجی بین 105 الی 112دلار میباشد.

978-0071717595 ,ISBN:0071717595

حجم فایل:78MB

نویسندگان:Admir Hadzic

توضیحات تکمیلی:

The ultimate text on the principles and practice of regional anesthesia and pain management – thoroughly updated
Since its first edition, Hadzic’s Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management has been the standard reference for students and practitioners of anesthesiology. Presented in full color, this classic covers the theory and practice of regional anesthesia in its entirety, providing readers with both the physiologic principles and specific, state-of-the-art patient-management protocols and techniques.
This second edition has been completely updated to reflect the profound advances in the field.  These developments include the use of ultrasonography for imaging of peripheral nerves and the central nervous system, advances in the up-to-date understanding of the role of regional anesthesia in preventing postoperative pain, and the use of point-of-care ultrasound for a vast number of other perioperative applications. The second edition features some of the most detailed and didactic anatomical artwork to date. Being a world-wide reference text, this edition also includes anatomical landmark-based and nerve stimulator guided peripheral nerve blocks.
A complete, authoritative compendium of the practice of regional anesthesia and analgesia and acute pain medicine:
More than 200 expert contributors and collaborators
● Evidence-based information that spans the entire field of RAPM
● Full-color clinical images and functional anatomy illustrations – nearly all new to this edition
● Easy-to-follow clinical decision-making diagrams, flow charts, practical tables, and clinical pearls
● Up-to-date information on the etiology, prevention, and management of a wide range of complications
● Detailed chapters on pediatric regional anesthesia
● In-depth discussion of region-specific ultrasound techniques
About the Author
Admir Hadzic, MD, PhD (New York, NY) is Director of Regional Anesthesia in St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. He is also Professor of Anesthesiology at College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University.
 فهرست فصول :Contents
Part 1 History
Part 2 Foundations Of Local And Regional Anesthesia
Part 3 Clinical Practice of Regional Anesthesia
Part 4 Ultrasound Imaging of Neuraxial and Perivertebral Space
Part 5 Obstetric Anesthesia
Part 6 Pediatric Anesthesia
Part 7 Anesthesia In Patients With Specific Considerations
Part 8 Regional Anesthesia in the Emergency Department
Part 9 Complications of Local and Regional Anesthesia
Part 10 Last: Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity
Part 11 Perioperative Outcome and Economics of Regional Anesthesia
Part 12 Acute Pain Management
Part 13 Education in Regional Anesthesia
Part 14 Statistics and Principles of Research Design in Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine


Part 15 Nerve Stimulator and Surface Anatomy-Based Nerve Blocks

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