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شماره فاکتور :

کتاب الکترونیکی سونوگرافی تشخیصی هیگن،انسرت (۲ جلدی، ویرایش ۲۰۱۸)Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography: 2-Volume Set, 8 EDویرایش هشتم

کتاب الکترونیکی سونوگرافی تشخیصی هیگن،انسرت (۲ جلدی، ویرایش ۲۰۱۸)Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography: 2-Volume Set, 8 EDویرایش هشتم 2018:

کتاب الکترونیکی دکر شده با فرمت پی دی اف بوده و قابلیت اجرا بر روی تمامی دیوایس های پشتیبان کننده از PDF را دارا می باشد.

کتاب الکترونیکی ارائه شده توسط ما با ضمانت کیفیت بسیار عالی و شامل 1622صفحه می باشد و تفاوت آن با نسخه های متفرقه، در کیفیت تصاویر و متون کتاب وهمچنین امکان هایلایت و کپی برداری ساده از متون و تصاویر موجود در کتاب می باشد که همین امر سبب تفاوت رنج قیمت گردیده بطوریکه قیمت کتاب الکترونیکی سونوگرافی تشخیصی هیگن،انسرت (۲ جلدی، ویرایش ۲۰۱۸)Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography: 2-Volume Set, 8 EDویرایش هشتم 2018 در سایت اصلی و سایت های فروش خارجی بین 314 الی 500دلار میباشد.

978-0323353755 ,ISBN:0323353754

حجم فایل:254MB

نویسندگان:Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert MS RDMS RDCS FASE FSDMS


قيمت:10000 تومان

توضیحات تکمیلی:
Updated to reflect the newest curriculum standards, Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography, 8th Edition provides you with the pertinent information needed for passing the boards. This highly respected text enhances your understanding of general/abdominal and obstetric/gynecologic sonograph.y, the two primary divisions of sonograph.y, as well as vascular sonography and echocardiography. Each chapter covers patient history; normal anatomy, including cross-sectional anatomy; sonography techniques; pathology; and related laboratory findings. And more than 3,100 images and anatomy drawings guide you in recognizing normal anatomy and abnormal pathology.
Full-color presentation, including color scans of gross pathology photos, where appropriate, enhances your learning expe1rience and the teaching value of the text.
Pathology tables give you quick access to clinical findings, laboratory findings, sonography findings, and differential considerations.
Pedagogy, including chapter objectives and outlines, alerts you to the important information you will learn in each chapter.
Evolve site includes PowerPoint slides, an image bank, review questions and a workbook answer key for students, and a test bank for faculty to aid in the reinforcement and teaching of sonography skills.
Sonography Findings, highlighted with icon and special type, call attention to key clinical information.
NEW! Full coverage of general/abdominal, transplantation, superficial structures, pediatrics, fetal heart, and obstetric/gynecologic sonography, along with several new chapters on vascular sonography, hemodynamics, and introduction to echocardiography, provides you with the information needed to pass the boards and succeed in clinicals.
UPDATED! Content reflects the newest curriculum standards so you have the information you need to pass the boards.
NEW! Updated images depict the latest advances in the field of sonography and help you prepare for the boards and clinicals.
NEW! Key words in chapter openers focus your attention on the terms that you are required to know and understand.
NEW! Bulleted summary lists at the end of each chapter reinforce important concepts.
NEW! A condensed bibliography at the end of the book lists essential references and guides you in the direction to obtain more information in a given area.
۱. Foundations of Clinical Sonograph.y
۲. Essentials of Patient Care for the Sonographer
۳. Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Issues in Sonograph.y
۴. Introduction to Anatomical Relationships in the Abdominal-Pelvic Cavity
۵. Comparative Sectional Anatomy of the Abdominal-Pelvic Cavity
۶. Basic Ultrasound:  Scanning Techniques, Terminology & Tips
۷. Artifacts in General Ultrasound Images
۸. Vascular System
۹. Liver
۱۰. Gallbladder and the Biliary System
۱۱. Spleen
۱۲. Pancreas
۱۳. Gastrointestinal Tract
۱۴. Peritoneal Cavity and Abdominal Wall
۱۵. Urinary System
۱۶. Retroperitoneum
۱۷. Ultrasound Contrast Agents in the Abdomen
۱۸. Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Techniques
۱۹. Emergent Ultrasound Procedures
۲۰. Sonographic Techniques in the Transplant Patient
۲۱. The Breast
۲۲. The Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
۲۳. The Scrotum
۲۴. The Musculoskeletal System
۲۵. Neonatal & Pediatric Abdomen
۲۶. Neonatal and Pediatric Adrenal & Urinary System
۲۷. Neonatal & Infant Head
۲۸. Infant & Pediatric Hip
۲۹. Neonatal & Infant Spine
۳۰. Anatomic and Physiologic Relationships within the Thoracic Cavity
۳۱. Hemodynamics for the Sonographer
۳۲. Introduction to Echocardiographic Techniques, Terminology & Tips
۳۳. Clinical Applications of Echocardiography:
۳۴. Clinical Applications of Echocardiography
۳۵. Fetal Echocardiography: Beyond the Four Chambers
۳۶. Fetal Echocardiography: Congenital Heart Disease
۳۷. Extracranial Cerebrovascular Evaluation
۳۸. Intracranial Cerebrovascular Evaluation
۳۹. Peripheral Arterial Evaluation
۴۰. Peripheral Venous Evaluation
۴۱. Normal Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Pelvis
۴۲. Sonographic Evaluation of the Female Pelvis
۴۳. Pathology of the Uterus
۴۴. Pathology of the Ovaries
۴۵. Pathology of the Adnexa
۴۶. The Role of Sonography in Female Infertility
۴۷. The Role of Sonography in Obstetrics
۴۸. Clinical Ethics for Obstetric Sonography
۴۹. The Normal First Trimester
۵۰. First-Trimester Complications
۵۱. Sonograph.y of the Second and Third Trimesters
۵۲. Obstetric Measurements and Gestational Age
۵۳. Fetal Growth Assessment by Sonography
۵۴. Sonograph.y and High-Risk Pregnancy
۵۵. Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Abnormalities
۵۶. The Placenta
۵۷. The Umbilical Cord
۵۸. Amniotic Fluid, Fetal Membranes, and Fetal Hydrops
۵۹. The Fetal Face and Neck
۶۰. The Fetal Neural Axis
۶۱. The Fetal Thorax
۶۲. The Fetal Anterior Abdominal Wall
۶۳. The Fetal Abdomen
۶۴. The Fetal Urogenital System
۶۵. The Fetal Skeleton

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