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کتاب الکترونیکی شیمی هتروسیکلیک در کشف دارو Heterocyclic Chemistry in Drug Discovery

کتاب الکترونیکی شیمی هتروسیکلیک در کشف دارو Heterocyclic Chemistry in Drug Discovery ویرایش اول :

کتاب الکترونیکی دکر شده با فرمت پی دی اف بوده و قابلیت اجرا بر روی تمامی دیوایس های پشتیبان کننده از PDF را دارا می باشد.

کتاب الکترونیکی ارائه شده توسط با ضمانت و صد در صد اورجینال و شامل 721صفحه می باشد و تفاوت آن با نسخه های متفرقه، در کیفیت تصاویر و متون کتاب وهمچنین امکان هایلایت و کپی برداری ساده از متون و تصاویر موجود در کتاب می باشد که همین امر سبب تفاوت رنج قیمت گردیده بطوریکه قیمت کتاب الکترونیکی شیمی هتروسیکلیک در کشف دارو Heterocyclic Chemistry in Drug Discovery ویرایش اول در سایت اصلی و سایت های فروش خارجی بین 200 الی 160 دلار میباشد.


حجم فایل:25MB

نویسندگان :Jie Jack Li

توضیحات تکمیلی:

  • Enables researchers to fully realize the potential to discover new pharmaceuticals among heterocyclic compounds
    Integrating heterocyclic chemistry and drug discovery, this innovative text enables readers to understand how and why these two fields go hand in hand in the effective practice of medicinal chemistry. Contributions from international leaders in the field review more than 100 years of findings, explaining their relevance to contemporary drug discovery practice. Moreover, these authors have provided plenty of practical guidance and tips based on their own academic and industrial laboratory experience, helping readers avoid common pitfalls.
    Heterocyclic Chemistry in Drug Discovery is ideal for readers who want to fully realize the almost limitless potential to discover new and effective pharmaceuticals among heterocyclic compounds, the largest and most varied family of organic compounds. The book features:
    Several case studies illustrating the role and application of 3, 4, 5, and 6+ heterocyclic ring systems in drug discovery
    Step-by-step descriptions of synthetic methods and practical techniques
    Examination of the physical properties for each heterocycle, including NMR data and quantum calculations
    Detailed explanations of the complexity and intricacies of reactivity and stability for each class of heterocycles
    Heterocyclic Chemistry in Drug Discovery is recommended as a textbook for organic and medicinal chemistry courses, particularly those emphasizing heterocyclic chemistry. The text also serves as a guide for medicinal and process chemists in the pharmaceutical industry, offering them new insights and new paths to explore for effective drug discovery.
    “The book can also serve as a textbook for undergraduates and graduates, which is highlighted by the inclusion of interesting problem sets.”  (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, ۱ February 2014)
    “In summary, both students and experts in the field would find useful information in this book.”  (ChemMedChem, ۱ January 2014)
    “[Li] has assembled a team of 20 contributing authors from academia and the industry to write this book, which … comes across as a successful fusion of heterocyclic chemistry and drug discovery, from which intending medicinal chemists will derive much benefit, or as Li puts it, a ‘jump-start’ on the competition!.”  (Chemistry in Australia, 1 July 2013)
    About the Author
    JIE JACK LI, PhD, is a chemist at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. He has authored or edited several books published by Wiley, including Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Name Reactions for Functional Group Transformations, Name Reactions for Homologations (Part I and Part ll ), Name Reactions for Carbocyclic Ring Formations, Contemporary Drug Synthesis, The Art of Drug Synthesis, and Modern Drug Synthesis.
    Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 Pyrroles
    Chapter 3 Indoles
    Chapter 4 Funans, Benzofunans, Thiophenes,and Benzothiophenes
    Chapter 5 Pyrazolesr Pyrazolonesr and Indazoles
    Chapter 6 Oxazoles, Benzoxazoles, and Isoxazoies
    Chapter 7 Thiazolesand Benzothiazoles
    Chapter 8 Imidazoles and Benzimidazoles
    Chapter 9 Triazoles and Tetrazoles
    Chapter 10 Pyridines
    Chapter 11 Quinolines and Isoquinolines
    Chapter 12 Pyrazines and Quinoxalines
    Chapter 13 Pyrimidines
    Chapter 14 Quinazolines and Quinazolones

قيمت:4000 تومان

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